Arpeegy are an ancient magical race of little creatures who spend their entire existence in the pursuit of knowledge.  Arpeegy use this knowledge to advance science, build philosophy, inform others via storytelling, and for playing games.  Arpeegy have an unquenchable thirst for literature and spend a preponderance of their time reading and collecting books.  In particular, Arpeegy enjoy books written about exciting world events because these books encourage Arpeegy to combine storytelling and playing games, which is what Arpeegy do best.


 Arpeegy resemble a human eye covered with fur or lint and can grow to be about the size of a ripe cantaloupe.  Arpeegy have two furry legs and arms that seem to sprout directly from their center.  They only have two toes on each foot and two fingers and one thumb on each hand.  Arpeegy fur comes in a rainbow of colors and they have no mouth, but can manipulate their fur to resemble one and are usually seen to be smiling.  Arpeegy communicate by rubbing their fur together to produce a series of chirping noises.  On top of every Arpeegy head are two long whiskers with small balls of fur on the tip of each.  These whiskers are highly sensitive to the "aura of imagination" which surrounds all books to some degree or another.  Arpeegy whiskers are very sensitive to this aura, which gives them an uncanny ability to find books.  The more a book can peak a reader's imagination then the more aura that book possesses.  The more aura that a book contains then the easier it is for Arpeegy to find.  Thus, it is very difficult to hide a book from a curious include spell books.


 Arpeegy are believed to be made entirely of fur.  A sage once captured an Arpeegy and shaved it in an effort to see what an Arpeegy looked like under all its fur.  As the fur was shaved, more fur instantly sprouted from the Arpeegy to replace the lost fur.  Every time the Arpeegy sprouted more fur the smaller its eye became until finally the sage was left holding nothing but a pile of fur!


 Arpeegy are truly kindhearted and mean no malice to any living creature, but they are drawn to books.  When an Arpeegy finds a book there is a 50% chance that its curiosity and thirst for literature will cause it to "borrow" the book until it has been read.  This would not be a bad thing but Arpeegy are also very giving creatures and they freely lend their books to other Arpeegy to read.  This can result in the "borrowed" book not being returned to its owner for days, weeks, months, or even years!  Many an Arpeegy has been refused a village library card for failure to return a book and the resulting overdue late fees.


 Arpeegy usually live deep within a forest but have been known to inhabit human dwellings such as libraries and bookstores.  Most recently there have been rumors of Arpeegy residing under living room furniture, but this has yet to be substantiated.


 Arpeegy have never been seen eating anything and are thought to exist solely on the energy created by their imaginations.  Arpeegy are peace loving creatures and avoid confrontation whenever possible.  However, a cornered Arpeegy can defend itself by making its normally soft fur stand straight up, this has the effect of surrounding the Arpeegy with thousands of needle-sharp quills.


 Arpeegy Chief

 Once every century the best storyteller among the Arpeegy is elevated to the status of Arpeegy Chief.  The Arpeegy Chief is the most respected of the Arpeegy community and acts as a governor and the voice of the Arpeegy.  This title and status are only given to an Arpeegy who has the ability to capture the "aura of imagination" within a book and then use this aura to weave a tale of great history, knowledge, wisdom, adventure, mystery, drama, or excitement.  Such a tale is as captivating as the greatest illusion and listeners of the tale are encouraged to participate in its creation.


 Arpeegy Chief responsibilities include the weaving of elaborate stories, protection of the Arpeegy community, and safeguarding the community's collection of books.  These tasks are accomplished with the Arpeegy Chief's ability to capture the "aura of imagination" within a book and then to use the aura to create illusions that enhance stories, lead would be attackers away from the Arpeegy community, and to hide the community's books from the clutches of villainous thieves. 



 Arpeegy began in August of 1996 as an on-line hobby shop with the name "The Elder Beholder E-Mail Hobby Shop" that I ran in my spare time.  The shop was small and mainly catered to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons crowd.


 In 1997, I changed the store name due to a request from TSR Games Inc, now Wizards of the Coast (those darn intellectual property was I to know a Beholder was TSR's creation and not a monster from mythology).  It seems the request was a blessing because I had been toying with the idea of changing the store name for some time.  You would have to live in Utah to fully appreciate this irony, but it appears that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) refer to their missionaries as elders.  Since my shop was based in Utah at that time, I was always bombarded with well meaning customers looking for church sanctioned hobbies to mail to their loved ones serving LDS missions.  Although this was great for public relations, it was not so good for selling Role Playing Games.  So I went back to the drawing board and created a new word, complete with character and meaning, to serve as my store name, trademark, and mascot: Arpeegy.  In short, it means Role Playing Game (Role Playing Game = RPG = Arpeegy).  For those of you who know me, you will also know I use this as my online moniker.


 Arpeegy Hobbies & Games grew substantially over the next four years and soon had thousands of customers, from around the world, and we supported numerous game systems and products.  My 30-minute a day hobby had turned into an over 8-hour a day job.  This presented me with numerous problems, the biggest one was where do I get the time to do everything I needed to accomplish.  Between family, my career, and Arpeegy Hobbies & Games I was fairly well boxed into a life of all work and no play.


 After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, I reevaluated my life and decided I needed to spend more time with the family and less time with Arpeegy Hobbies & Games.  After all, my family is my most valued treasure.


 I decided to liquidate Arpeegy's extensive inventory and close down the hobby shop on December 31, 2001.  I did this in lieu of selling the store because I wanted to keep the Arpeegy name, and my intellectual property rights to it, which I had created and worked so hard to give an excellent reputation.


 In 2007, I started a long educational journey to earn a PhD in Organizational Psychology.  I maintained my full time career, and went back to school part-time.  Still, the educational journey took an extensive amount of time, and I had no time to devote to maintaining my web presence.  My free time went to my family.  I earned my PhD in 2017, and now my kids are grown adults.


 That brings us to the present.  I have decided to return to Arpeegy in my free time and finish several projects I had started back in 2007.   These projects include The Arpeegy Role Playing Game (ARPG) system, my contemporary thoughts on current events, and an exploration of deism. My intent is to bring these items to the community free of charge and for your enjoyment.  This could take many weeks, months, and years because I still have a life away from the website, but I promise to make progress on these items every week.  I ask you all to be patient with me as I continue in this task.  While you wait, you are welcome to peruse my store below.  Enjoy!!! 


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